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Underground Service Company is a general engineering contractor that provides pipeline testing and utility location services for industrial entities. We work with energy companies, government agencies, municipalities, and civil engineers to provide conclusive results that eliminate project downtime. Using the latest electronic technology coupled with years of field experience, clients obtain solutions to some of the most challenging underground dilemmas.

On-Location Services
Our pipeline testing services include hydro-static and air pressure tests. We locate leaks on pipeline by enacting a site-specific test program. Methodologies used include an acoustic survey, correlation, and tracer gas testing. Utilities are located using the electromagnetic and ground-penetrating radard methods. If required, air excavation is provided to verify the actual location and elevation. Underground Service Company can also provide a licensed land surveyor to aid in the transfer of data to a construction document.

Different Types of Equipment
Underground Service Company is proud to utilize the latest technologies for industrial testing and research. We offer both push and tractor camera service, and the latest in acoustic leak survey and utility location equipment. Included in all of our services is our most important asset, operator experience. Clients can rely on the timely and consistant service they receive.

Advanced electronic equipment is used to provide answers for underground surveys. A state of the art computer referred to as a correlator calculates the acoustic data given in the field to precisely pinpoint leaks that can not be found with standard listening equipment commonly used by other firms. A 10-watt transmitter is employed by Underground Service Company for use in the electro-magnetic survey for location of underground utilities. This powerful device allows the operator to sucessfully track utilities for miles instead of feet in ideal conditions. Special technology in the equipment enables the operator to identify the direction of the current which helps to eliminate "signal coupling" with other utilities.

Located in Southern California, we serve the entire southwestern U.S. For more information or to schedule an appointment for a consultation, contact Underground Service Company today!

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